Anne-Marie De Rivera Profile Photo

Anne-Marie De Rivera

Sausalito, CA

Born of Belgian and Dutch parents, I have lived in many countries, from the US to Canada, Chile, Switzerland and Mexico. My work is a blend of the European Influences of my early childhood, combined with the colors, passion, and folklore of Latin America. I have always been fascinated by nature, the human figure and the animal form. Letting both my brush and my imaginative spirit run free, I am creating new and uncensored expressions of myself without restraint. This process is allowing new colors and themes to emerge, much to my own surprise and delight.

My figurative work focuses on the moods and feelings of my subjects.
I often draw with my paintbrush, grounding the painting in colorful outlines. The eyes are particularly important to me as they reveal my subjects’ emotions, and my backgrounds are created by what my subjects and their environment evokes in me.
In Nature, I have discovered a newfound love, respect, and admiration for trees, their communication with each other, resilience, and strength in the presence of water as a result of the major storms that occurred in Marin County in recent winters and am exploring this new passion and where it will lead me.
I paint in oils, acrylics, and mixed media.

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