Angela Maria Das Graças Profile Photo

Angela Maria Das Graças

Belvedere, CA

“All my work comes to me intuitively, unfolding before me. All the elements of atmosphere play a part in the creation of each piece - the weather, my mood, the news, my family, my community. Each piece is a meditation, an exploration, a journey. It starts when I feel a need to paint, but it ends when the piece lets me know it’s finished. I often find figures, numbers, objects that are in the finished work that I never intended while painting, but reveal themselves as the paint dries, as the painting hangs on the wall or leans in the studio. This relationship between mediation and revelation is where the true art exists for me - the conversation between my hands and my soul. My work is an offering to my audience to experience the same. See what you see, take away what you take away. The abstract is a window to the soul; In the moment you are contemplating the piece, you are as much a part of the work as I am.” - Angela Maria Das Graças

​​Angela was born and raised playing with siblings, cousins, and neighbors in a small town called Araguari, Brasil. She had a big backyard that gave them the opportunity to play and create -- putting on theatrical shows was one of their favorite activities. Her role was to write the scripts and paint the sets, which is where her passion for painting was born. Painting gave her the chance to let her imagination get carried away. After years in workforce, Angela found herself missing expressing her creativity through painting. She decided to enroll in painting classes. She has been painting for 8 years, enjoying the opportunity to express herself and get to know herself better through her imaginative work. She found herself identifying with abstract works, where she can let her thoughts flow through the paintbrush. Her hope is to reach people on a deep level and create an emotional experience while viewing the paintings.