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Chase Allen Rogers

San Anselmo, CA

Channelled from her meditations on the natural world, Chase's work represents a celebration of nature as poetry. In her florals, the artist focused on the energy of life perceived in garden flowers following deep meditations. The works on paper combine this love for the natural world with an element of folly and deeper spiritual inquiry. Abstract landscapes invite us into another spiritual dimension entirely. In all works, the artists asks the viewer to rest on each piece designed to evoke a sense of harmony and an appreciation for the beauty that is both within and without. Media used: watercolor, pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylic, pastel.

As a mother raising two, free-range boys in a rapidly changing world, Chase naturally gravitates towards the mysticism of the natural world finding solace in the sublime. A serial creative who loves collaboration and eclectic problem solving, Chase creates original works of art and poetry that reflect the immediacy and multidimensionality of our time. Chase aims to bring her love of the ‘sacred natural’ to those wanting more balance and harmony in their lives.

Before settling in Northern California, Chase followed many yearnings. She received degrees in Philosophy, Literature, Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Art History. She built a business as a creative consultant which has evolved with her spiritual path. Before settling in Marin, she traveled the world teaching yoga in Sri Lanka, herding cattle in Mexico and studying sanskrit at the Yoga Society of New York. A minister of the Church of Universal Light, she’s certified in Yoga, Polarity, and Permaculture. Chase has worked as a designer and brand consultant, authored fiction and non-fiction and edited creative copy. Over the past twenty years, Chase has synthesized her work experience with mindfulness practices and creative techniques into a unique style.

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