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Amy S Hart

Ke Akua Akua – the Divine Living Goddess in Hawaiian – is a series of images of radiant women who are healers, dancers, musicians, spiritual teachers and yoginis walking the path of their most authentic calling. What we see we become – and I want people to have the gift of seeing radiant, self-empowered, creative, naturally beautiful women walking their walk, dancing their dance, and singing their song. We need them. We need these images to sink into our soul, and to let them help us remember we are all connected, we are all part of the divine living goddess – Ke Akua Akua.

Amy Hart is a photographer and filmmaker based in the SF Bay Area with a talent for capturing the natural radiance of people - whether in a crowded city, or alone in the wilderness. She is the official photographer for several large scale events including the Sausalito Art Festival and the New Year's Eve Balldrop festivities in Times Square NYC. Her photographs have been published in San Francisco Magazine, Pac Sun, SF Chronicle, a coffee table book entitled Water Voices from Around the World, and a book to be released next year on the National Academy of Medicine in Washington DC.

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