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Ellie Fritz

Novato, California

These hybrid works evolve from a dialogue between painting and printmaking. Painting introduces gesture and form, while collage imprints positive and negative space. The final stage of embossing introduces conversations between thick and thin, transparent and opaque, soft and hard, light and dark. Geometric forms and chance coverage in an expected moment.

Ellie Fritz produces large-scale works on paper and panel that combine various printmaking
techniques with painting and drawing. She has exhibited her work at Sardine, Brooklyn, New
York; Art on Paper, New York and the Vulcan Materials Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama; as
well as the Diego Rivera and Swell Galleries at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), Mission
Art Center, Herbst Pavilion, and Art Explosion, in San Francisco, California. Fritz completed
both her BFA (2004) and MFA (2008) at SFAI and has received several honors, including the
Spring Show Award (2004), and a Teaching Assistantship (2008), both at SFAI. In 2008, Fritz
was an artist-in-residence at KALA Art Institute and will be the new 2019 artist-in-residence at
the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA). She was featured in Studio Visit
Magazine in 2010. She has taught through extension programs in San Francisco, including
ACE at the San Francisco Art Institute. Fritz lives and workss in Marin County, California.

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