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Patricia (Patrushka) Zemanek

Novato, CA

My works are comprised of a growing and eclectic array - featuring abstracts, expressionism, realism and pop surrealism. Themes for my art include: portraiture, landscapes, abandoned places, geishas, social and environmental concerns, the Day of the Dead and life’s transitory nature. Other inspirations include vintage items, pop culture, mythology, music, fashion, wildlife and our natural world. Especially the yin and yang of life – the contrast of good and evil, the symbolism and outcomes of these juxtapositions.

Nicknamed by my Grandma "Patrushka", I grew up in Southern California and I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years. I became interested in art as a young girl – absorbing pop culture through album covers, movies, music, comic books and art history - and it has been my passion, occupation and "hobby" ever since.. I've worked in almost all media and have created an eclectic portfolio.

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