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Rachel Davis

Sausalito, CA

“There’s a difference between emptiness and space.” Twenty two years ago I went to a first Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) class and was blown away by my teacher’s seemingly simple call to pay close attention. My art process is about heeding that call. I’m fascinated by the tension between light and dark, connection and disconnection. A strong mood and story is hinted at in much of my work, and things are often left unsaid or moving in and out of focus, urging the viewer to linger and discover more. Richard Diebenkorn is an artistic hero to me, for his refusal to be labeled, his traipsing fearlessly across media and genre, his openness to influence while making work clearly his own, and for his brilliant use of color and space.

I am a mixed media artist and a psychologist, born and bred in New York City, and thrilled to call Northern California’s Bay Area her home. Both coasts and both callings inform my work. I'm drawn to what’s beneath the surface and can never fully be known, as well as to words - their shape, form, what they reveal and conceal.

I'm also pulled to beauty for it’s own sake, and to pure play and abandon. The freedom to move back and forth between mediums and moods is central to keeping joy at the helm of my creative process.

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