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Jeff Greendorfer

San Rafael, CA

The antique automobile images shown in this exhibit are intended to highlight some of the rich design history, the classic grace and elegant lines of those designed in the '20', '30's, '40's and '50's. The nearly sensuous shapes and the liquid feel of many of these vehicles are among the elements that attract us to these stunning four-wheel works of art. Then and today, for some, the look of a car has become as important as the clothes we choose to wear. Full-on photos of any of these amazing vehicles can be found easily online. What I have attempted to do with this series, however, is capture some of the striking features and essence of a particular car. The untouched close-ups almost become abstracts and nudge the viewer to study some of the stunning design detail of these extraordinary masterpieces. The viewer is encouraged to “complete the picture” in their own mind with awe, appreciation and a reverence for this period of automotive history. The images showing in this series were mainly taken at renowned auto shows in Squaw Valley and the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach.

Since my earliest days, I have marveled at and been fascinated by cars, their designs, their curves and more. I saw them as works of art, especially pre-1960s cars.

Beginning in my early 20’s, photography has enabled me to capture subjects that have drawn me in and forced me to look either at an amazing array of bracken ferns, the huge tail fins of a 1959 Cadillac, or the fluid-looking chrome grill of an early Bugatti.

Recently, the two images that I submitted were featured at the 2018 Marin County Fair.

I typically use a Nikon camera system and occasionally my very handy iPhone 8.

I reside in Novato, CA and am the proud father of two boys.

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