Cornelia Alice Nevitt Profile Photo

Cornelia Alice Nevitt

Woodacre, CA

The 3-D landscape that inspires me most is the human figure. My subjects are models and members of the public, and I also do commission portraiture. I work mostly in clay, stone and bronze, and aim to capture both the physical likeness and the character of my subjects. I specialize in Raku crackle and underglazes. I enjoy working in cooperatives where I can connect with other artists and share ideas and techniques. We also assist each other in complex firing processes, and having community enriches my private studio time as well.

My major influences are Northern Renaissance, Asian, Expressionism, Nature and Humanity. I studied sculpture under Robert E. Keunnen of the Art Institute of Chicago while still in High School. I also studied independently with the renowned steel sculptor, Michael Todd. For printmaking, Michi Itami at the San Francisco Art Institute and Yasuhiro Esaki at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco were major influences.

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