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Linda Barretta

Ross, CA

I look for scenes that capture the fleeting beauty of time in a landscape. It is not only the power of Mother Nature that calls to me, but also the quality of light that will set the painting apart from the start. Painting outdoors has given me the gift of being present and experiencing the changing light and the effect that it has on the colors observed.

I am a Northern California artist who paints landscapes, primarily with oils in plein air. I also produce larger paintings in my studio using these outdoor studies. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside in Sonoma and Marin County, and often from painting adventures to many other locations. Making art is an essential part of my life. It is what gives voice to my spirit. Painting from life outdoors in the traditional colorist tradition, no longer confined to the studio, there is an abundance of subject matter and inviting compositions that continually challenge the creative muse within. It is exciting to see and paint the changing light as it affects the colors on all that it touches. The impressionist paintings I create are the direct results that have grown from observation, painting and acquiring the skills to develop and fuel my passion to create