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Andrea Coish

Sausalito, CA

Andrea's work as a decorative painter is about the client, when she’s in her studio the work and process is personal. Her paintings, mostly independent of each other, have usually been many paintings before. She believes knowing when a piece is right is as much the art as the art itself. Her style is not a defined approach but rather an openness to the creative thoughts and ideas in the moment of creativity. Every day in the studio she views as an opportunity for expression. Like catching lightning in a bottle, transforming ideas into art is a challenge, nerve racking, gratifying and sublime. She would be adrift, rudderless, without it in her life.

Andrea Coish is a Marin / San Francisco based traditional artist with 25 years experience working with paint. She received a BA/Studio Art degree from the University of New Hampshire. When she is not working on projects like; Grateful Dead backdrops, sculptures at Universal Studios, San Francisco Opera Scenery, Art collaborations for SF ART Market, SF ATT Park murals, Scenic Painting for Star Wars and numerous other movies and TV productions, she is in her Sausalito Art Studio.

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