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Nick Fain

Fairfax, CA

The images in this gallery represent a fraction of the frames I’ve snapped over many years spent exploring the hills of Marin from The Headlands to Pt Reyes. I have stood behind the tripod for hours in 90º heat, hiked in heavy rain and even snow on Mt Tam. Observing and photographing nature and wildlife has increased my respect for the wild things and places that surround us. From predators working to feed their brood, to those in the food chain struggling to survive another day. I have observed Ospreys shielding their young from blazing sun, and Eagles stealing fish in midair from Ospreys. I observe from a distance and never intrude or disturb. Many of these images have stories which I’d be glad to share. Framed prints can be also ordered from my website. See you in May!

I have wandered the more remote parts of Marin for over 30 years. I have discovered natural and historic anomalies hidden on ridges and in obscure ravines. I’ve listened to older resident's tales of seeing the last train on Mt Tam, and witnessing WWII plane crashes in the hills. Almost every type of animal that lives in Marin can be heard or observed within feet of my home. I have hiked or biked to the peaks of Mt Tam literally hundreds of times. From abandoned gold mines to herds of Tule Elk, it never gets old (although I’m starting to). If you love & respect nature, we’ll always have something to talk about.

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