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John Benet

San Rafael, CA

My photography concentrates on nature, primarily landscapes and wildlife. I strive to use lighting, color, and perspective to give the viewer a sense of “being there”. I love the abstraction of black & white images with the medium’s focus on composition, texture, and tonal contrast. I’m inspired by the landscape photography of Eliot Porter, Ansel Adams, and Sean Bagshaw. I’ve been fortunate to study with several excellent landscape photographers, among them Jennifer King, Gary Hart, Charles Needle, and Derek Von Briesen.

I’ve been a Canon digital photographer since retiring from the medical profession in 2010. I travel extensively in pursuit of stirring images. I produce my own photographic prints on archival papers using a Canon Pro-1000 pigment ink printer.

My photographs have won awards at Marin Photo Club, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and at Marin Society of Artists.

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