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Anna Ladyzhenskaya

Novato, CA

My paintings are representations of the way I experience the world and the relationships between different beings in it. In my work I dissect the psychology and interplay of emotions, actions and reactions, and thoughts. Like my favorite poet Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetry, my art resides between the past and the present, between time and space, between the real and the imagined. I see beauty in the people I meet, the places I go, and in life, in general. I use my brushes to express my vision of this beauty, with all of the illusions and obstacles of life. My art is an invitation to share and experience the world of the unknown with me. Thank you for this opportunity.

Internationally known artist, Anna Ladyzhenskaya, was born in Moldova, an Eastern European nation, when it was still part of the former Soviet Union. She completed art school there, earning her credentials in both the practice and teaching of Art, before going on to get her Master’s degree in Architecture. With over 30 years of experience in the art field, Anna works with all forms of media, from oils and pastels to watercolor and colored pencils, to create works that are just as diverse as the materials she uses, ranging in areas of focus from landscape, to still life and portrait.

She is a resident and active member of the Bay Area art community, living in Novato with her husband, two beautiful daughters and two wonderful kittens. She is a member of the Marin MOCA, often found working at studio space H in the 781 Palm Drive building. Besides the MOCA member shows and Open Studios, other exhibits of her artwork include San Francisco’s annual Celebration of Craftswomen at Fort Mason and regular displays at Gallery Elektra in Sausalito.

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