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Mirto Golino

San Rafael, CA

Each piece is a journey for which I do not have a map. I am as an explorer dropped into an unknown territory. My compass is located inside my subconscious. I wander about listening for the unspoken whispering of the muses for direction to the path. The dead ends leave their marks hinting at other possibilities in the ghosts marks left in faint paint gestures, scratched into, covered, and sometimes even re- emerging. Certainly every journey does not end in its original destination?

In the years since I earned my BFA from Massachusetts College of Art (1978), I have worked at painting representationally, I have worked sculpturally using found objects and re-configuring found sticks, and I have made a body of sculptures which were fanciful figures.
Currently I am striving to bring all my inclinations and loves together combining found objects, re-configured sticks and painting- both abstract and representational.

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