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Denise Douthit Nowell

San Anselmo, CA

I am inspired by the beauty of our natural world and view it through the lens of an artist's eye. I often see the extraordinary in the ordinary; showcasing my unique perspective through brush strokes of vibrant color, contrasting tones, shadows and reflective light.

I have resided in Marin County for over 22 years and am a Sonoma County native. Living in an extraordinarily beautiful place and being surrounded by a family of artisans has fueled my creative spirit and helped refine my artistic eye from a young age. During my youth, I experimented in many mediums, as all have their unique process and finished product. As an undergraduate, I continued to study art and earned dual degrees in Accounting and Two-Dimensional Studio Art. After a successful career as a corporate accountant and raising two wonderful children, I am currently focused on my art interests full-time and am preparing to teach at my new studio. I am proficient in a variety of mediums including: oils, acrylics, pastels, pencil, charcoal, ink, silkscreen, block printing and calligraphy. I have been a member of the National Watercolor Society since 2013 and have earned awards for my intricate and delicate work in watercolor.

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