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Else Tamayo

Novato, CA

Color, form, texture-----inspired by nature, light, music, architecture, food and dance------- slay me. My art process involves mixing it up. Abstract, conceptual, representational. Employing mixed media (acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, crayon, pastels), text and found objects.

"Ever since I tampered open the lock on my Dad's art cabinet as a child I've been drawn to art materials, books, studios, museums and artists from diverse worlds.
I travel to see art. Make art from influences I experience. My camera and sketchbook carry the notes. I worked as a clay artist for 15 years until a medical condition made it difficult to continue. Now I fly solo with my visual expression."

Else studied at San Diego State University with Paul Lindgren, and Fred Orth earning a B.A. in Art, in painting and printmaking. She studied clay with Leon Miller, Vicki Kennedy, Jose Kelley, and Otto and Vivika Heino.

Her M.A. in Education from the University of San Francisco is an interdisciplinary degree in hermeneutics, critical theory and cultural anthropology. Her thesis: "Public Artists as Participatory Leaders" expanded her artistic vision into the public arts arena. She views art as a "window through which we see the world, ourselves, each other. All art is public, throwing open the windows wider, challenging our language, history and traditions."

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