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Joyce Mae Slick

San Rafael, CA

I love painting urban landscapes at twilight time as well as doing Plein Aire with the MOS Saturday group.

I got my first introduction to water colors when I was 4 years old. My mom bribed me with a box of Prang watercolors from the dime store to sit in the dentists chair and behave myself which I had previously refused to do. I was happily painting behind the pot bellied stove when it turned nap time. I was sorely disappointed when I got up to find the paints had melted all over the flood. When I finally got real water colors at the Museum Art School in Portland, OR I felt like I had found a long lost friend. It's been a smorgasbord since then, raising 5 kids and living in 7 different foreign countries, from Wood Block printing in Japan, Silk Screen printing in Mexico, Watercolor in New Zealand, B.A. and elementary Credential from Sonoma State U., numerous classes from College of Marin and Plein Aire painting with M.O.S.
My theme in recent years has been "Places People go to Have Fun" featuring our county theaters, dining spots, saloons and county parks to name a few. I will be in my studio at Marin Society of Artists both weekends. It will be fun.

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