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Anne Shaheen

San Rafael, CA

Anne Shaheen considers herself a ReUse artist and has always been drawn to items that are old, worn, rusted, broken, just waiting to be part of a story that will be interpreted only by the curious observer. Always on the hunt, she scours garage sales, thrift shops, flea markets and salvage yards looking for that special something with her name on it. Her mediums of expression are assemblage and collage. Sometimes, Anne just mixes things up with no plan in mind and lets the materials lead the way. Other times, she imagines the origin of the materials, who touched them and why, and tries to re-tell a story. For Anne, it’s all about celebrating the wonderful, natural patina that comes with age – both of people & objects - and finding beauty in imperfection. Email: Phone: (540) 270-1957

After several years as a Human Resources professional in the luxury resort industry, I changed gears 10 years ago and began a new journey creating artwork from discarded items. Voila....a new Assemblage artist was born!

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