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Sarah Grierson-Dale

Larkspur, CA

Drawing as a way to understand what I don' t get from all using all the other tools. it's a cartoony mystical Journey into my sub dom un conscience. Channeling, listening to the voices, letting my body do the work while my slippery brain stays busy trying to shut off. Hearts' path, inner children. letting.

I draw and sew and make books and paint and embroider and knit and weave and dye and garden and organize people's stuff, spin wool and so many more things. I am opening up my space to show the drawings I have been working on for my whole life.

I am 36 years old, born and raised in SF, went to college in NYC, Virgo, enjoy long walks on the beach and laughing. The show will be weird with drawings on the inside and "fiber art" on the outside of my place. The space is pretty and set among the forest so do please come and see something unique and more on the spiritual side than commercial side of the spectrum.

This artist does not have any artwork added. Check back soon.