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Sophia Moreau

San Rafael, CA

I have always been intrigued by artifacts from the past and the stories they tell. As a child, I loved to visit my grandparents‘ home which could have been transported from the Victorian period. From the leather-bound volumes, to the mounted animal heads and ornate picture frames, I fell in love with objects d'art from this fascinating era. In particular, I was drawn to a book of poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, which opened my mind to a macabre and surreal world that enchanted during an optimistic period of technological, scientific and cultural innovation. All my sculptures evoke some aspect of this aesthetic. In my book fusions, for example, which merge the art of book carving and storytelling, I recast historical prints in surrealistic tableaux that are evocative of bygone eras. Likewise, my mounted heads series captures my youthful impressions of my grandfather’s taxidermy, juxtaposing fascination with horror, which I have recast for a modern audience.

I was born and raised on the outskirts of Seattle. No stranger then to the murky and the dark, I took up drawing macabre scenes in charcoal. I practiced sculpture for many years before I was inspired to begin sculpting from a particular set of found objects, incorporating them and being incorporated by them. Gilded frames are not merely hung, they reach out and climb the walls. Leather bound books contain not only words but entire worlds. And the taxidermy heads have many stories to tell. My art is my exploration of the relationship between people's lives and the objects that observe and commingle with them.

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