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Karyn Gabriel

San Rafael, CA

Influenced by shape and patterns found in urban landscapes and nature, my current work searches beneath the surface, paring forms down to its essence and revealing the structures surrounding us. I find beauty in the elemental, the unadorned, the slightly brutal yet quiet forms often hidden in plain sight. Using repetition as a powerful building block, I explore structure through modularity, space, surface and texture. The forms can be monolithic or composed of hundreds of elements. I'm driven by the challenge to create quiet simplicity from the many and discovering an almost meditative beauty in the textures created. Using clay as my primary medium, I hand build all forms often maintaining the unglazed natural clay body finish and focusing on the rhythmic gestures and elemental structures I’m seeking.

My sculptural work reflects my passion for environmental landscapes both natural and man-made. Influenced by years of architectural practice, my work combines architectonic forms and organic surfaces, referencing both internal and external relationships. Recently, I returned to school at the Oregon College of Art and Craft pursuing post-baccalaureate studies in ceramic sculpture. Seeking to integrate art and design, my work marries both an intuitive response to clay and her design background.

With over 25 years of experience working in New York City, Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, I have completed a diversified range of architectural project types and scale. My design work has appeared in numerous publications including Architectural Record, Interior Design, Contract Design and Print magazine, receiving both regional and national design awards. In 2018, I opened my studio practice, Karyn Gabriel Art in Architecture, focusing on sculptural ceramics, art installation and architectural design.

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