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Karina Colliat

San Rafael, CA

Karina's world turned from dull to inspired when she began painting and drawing in the South of France in 1995. This modality taught her a new way of seeing the world that gave her perspective in art as well as life. Art making emerged from a philosophy that aimed at wholeness, including elements of Zen, universality, surprise, and emergence. She continued drawing and painting in New York City, and incorporated these same ideas when she began sculpting in the year 2000. She finds the process of sculpting brings her focus, peace and grounding. But most of all, it feeds her soul!

I am an artist and Expressive Arts Therapist with a private psychotherapy practice in San Rafael. I use the arts, nature and somatic modalities to help people find more freedom and joy in their lives. I specialize in working with people who struggle with the emotional aspects of living with chronic disease. Art saved my life--or at least re-awakened my soul by opening my heart after many years of suffering from depression in isolation. When I began drawing and painting it opened me up to seeing the world in a new way. It got me outside of myself and became a spiritual practice. It also became a medium for expressing all the feelings that had been stuck inside me for so long. In the year 2000 I took a class in clay figure sculpture and fell in love all over again! Since then sculpting has become my main medium. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a chronic disease and again art became an outlet for me to process the journey of healing. When I am not making art, I love to be in nature, practice qi gong and spend time with friends. You can see my sculptures and find out more about my psychotherapy practice at these websites below. Enjoy!

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