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Lauren Bartone

San Rafael, CA

I try to make sense of the world by creating images about shared spaces, histories and social patterns. The studio is my starting place, where I connect the personal to the political, and where I use my hands to make objects that help me understand my subject matter. My projects quickly move out of the studio, however, as I also enjoy collaborating with the public, usually in the form of participation and dialogue. Through a balance between painting, sculpture, and my larger participatory works, I am able to explore the symbols embedded in mythologies about private and public spaces at an up-close and personal level.

Lauren Bartone's work is grounded in an interdisciplinary balance of painting, community dialogue, and collective work. Her educational background has allowed her to pursue her passions for both the visual arts and public education, and her experience working in both fields often crosses over in interesting ways. This has been a great drive in her studio and has led her to work with materials as diverse as macaroni necklaces, paper trash from the street, and oil on linen paintings. Lauren has worked in various community programs, participated in residencies at the Kala Art Institute, Art Works Downtown, and the deYoung Museum. She has received several grants including a Marin Arts Council Career Grant, the VCFA Levin/Lutz Award, and the Pirkle Jones Foundation Artist Support Grant. Since 2011 she has also enjoyed working collaboratively with the Fortnight Collective. She has shown work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York.

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