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Julia Ann Spaulding

San Anselmo, CA

I have lived in Marin County and have been producing art for over 20 years. I concentrate on painting with oil and acrylic focusing on plants, landscapes and impressionistic scenes of the American West. I have spent the past several years working with oil and mixed media. I prefer large canvas, so I have many of them to enjoy, and I also have smaller works to chose from. I love experimenting with color, texture and mood.I have traveled all over the world and back and forth several times across the US. These journeys have inspired my work greatly from Hawaii to the Desert and from the Coast of California to the Coast of Maine.

I have lived in the Bay Area for the past 24 years and raised 3 children. In my early years I graduated from California Lutheran with a BA in Art and later studied at Cal State Long Beach and received a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, with a specialty in Museum Education. I had the good fortune to work at the J Paul Getty Museum in Malibu as a gallery teacher and at the Junior Arts Museum in LA until I moved to the Bay Area and worked at the Fine Arts Museums and the Asian Art Museum. I spent several years as the "Art on the Cart" teacher at Brookside Elementary School in San Anselmo. I am passionate about my art, and the art of others. We all have a story to tell and an appreciation for others like ourselves,

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