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Colette Battaglia

Novato , CA

My work, whether in mixed media paintings or sculpture, is process oriented and intuitive. It’s not possible for me to start a work knowing exactly what it’s going to be, or hoping for a particular outcome. One gesture or “medium” on a work starts to inform the other. My process of working both reveals and obscure previous layers, guided by my intuition, and becomes somewhat of an anthropological excavation. I hope my work lures the viewer to examine the piece more closely to see what they see in my abstracted work, and not be influenced by what I necessarily intended, therefore I rarely title my work. I prefer to have the viewer decide what it is that may appeal to them or draw them in, and have them tell me what they see if they are willing to share that information with me.

I received my BA in Art with a Sculpture Emphasis, and a Secondary Teaching Credential from California State University at Hayward more years ago than I’d like to remember!

Several successful careers later, as the buyer for my family’s clothing stores in Southern California, owner of a women’s clothing boutique in San Francisco for 10 years, and as a residential Realtor in Marin County for twenty-three years, I retired a few years ago and decided it was now time to pursue my passion, Art!

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