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Mary Anne Anne McKernie

Mill Valley, CA

A Mill Valley resident since 1981, I am inspired by both the natural and built environments of the Bay Area. I often use a palette knife to replicate the beauty of un-refurbished industrial buildingsā€”the grittiness of unpainted concrete, exposed pipes and peeling paint. My palettes can be traced to years of interior design and color consulting when I noticed that many paints looked dull and lifeless no matter what the hue. Only a few seemed rich and complex, as if they glowed from within. To achieve such luminosity, I often mix eye-pleasing full-spectrum hues, and I use intense color sparingly. My studio is right off the living room of my home, ready when inspiration strikes, where a bank of greenhouse windows provides natural light and offers an expansive view of the ever-changing colors of the wetlands bordering Richardson Bay.

My desire to translate the visual natural and built environments into a feeling for the viewer inspires me to create art. I enjoy the effects of light, and I have a longtime interest in color, with a background in color consulting and interior design. I paint using full-spectrum hues which are rich and complex, and I typically use a fairly neutral palette.

I paint using acrylics and employ a palette knife in much of my work.

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