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Anki Gelb

Sausalito, CA

My paintings often reflect the light and colors from my native country, Sweden. The range varies from the spare light of winter when colors are very subtle to the intense, long daylight of summer when colors are saturated. Color and lines are very important in the expression of my art that’s frequently minimalistic, which is another Scandinavian influence. The subject matters repeatedly show nature and my love for the natural world. I find the painting process with oil absorbing, it’s constantly changing during the process and the outcome is sometimes surprisingly different from my initial idea. It keeps the painting process dynamic and intriguing. My paintings span the gamut from representational to more recently experimenting with abstract.

I'm from Stockholm Sweden and moved to the US in 1984. I'm a contemporary artist working mainly with oil.

My early interest in art manifested itself mainly through appreciation. I always had a yearning to create with paint, which finally found an outlet after I retired from the business world. I have taken art classes at College of Marin, regularly take workshops to experiment with new techniques and new mediums. In the end I return to oil, a medium with which I most resonate.

My paintings have been represented in numerous juried shows in the S.F. Bay Area and had my first solo show in Mill Valley, CA in October, 2016. My art is found internationally in private collections.

I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area; Bend, Oregon and Stockholm, Sweden.