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Cindy Pavlinac

San Rafael, CA

I travel as an artist, a seeker tracking alignments back to source, seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary. As a photographer, I lure images out of wisps of time, revealing the convergence of inner and outer landscapes, spinning complex tales of pilgrimage, ancient and modern, imaginative and real. We are called to the journey and by wandering, we find our way home.

Fine art photographer Cindy Pavlinac focuses on the power of place, exploring sites of ancient wisdom and deep community from prehistoric stone circles to cathedral labyrinths. She creates contemplative images of beauty, mystery, power, and extraordinary presence. Labyrinths repeatedly appear in her work, both for the journey metaphor they represent and for their visual geometric grace.

Her images have been widely published from Time Magazine to the books, Sanctuaries of the Goddess and Labyrinths, and she had produced multimedia presentations for conferences and venues from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco to Oxford University, England.

Cindy earned a M.A. in Arts and Consciousness Studies, and a B.A. in photography, archeology, and astrophysics. She is a certified Integrated Learning Specialist and Labyrinth Facilitator, teaches Visual Studies at Dominican University, and is a founding studio artist at Art Works Downtown where she mentors enthusiastic individuals in contemplative photography.

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