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Sue Dedina

Novato, CA

My art is an exploration of time, space and emotion. I use a technique of painting tiny shapes as a background and then I "weave color" through them to create larger shapes. Using the translucency and hard edges of watercolor allows me to create the effect I want. I see the world through abstract eyes influenced by Bauhaus and the 20th century modernists.

In middle school an art teacher told me that I had no talent. I was crushed. I went on to study Marine Biology at UCSC but spent weekends at the DeYoung and Legion of Honor immersing myself in the art. After changing careers I started working for agencies where I designed and researched interpretive programs and exhibits including trails for the USFS in Oregon. I went back to school at American River College in Sacramento, studying studio art and art history. Along the way I worked at Hearst Castle, CA State Railroad Museum, a county museum in Oregon and was curator at the Ventura County Museum. While in Ventura I was able to take training at the Getty. Returning to Sacramento I met other artists, especially women, whose encouragement boosted my confidence and I started working and showing my art. After retiring I moved back to the Bay Area and discovered the Novato Arts Center where I now have a studio and am pursuing art full time. We are part of the campus of MarinMOCA and I am able to use my experience and training as a volunteer at the museum. Please stop by my studio and tell me your story.

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