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Christine Lemor

Novato, CA

Since I started to take botanical illustration classes from Mary L. Harden in 2015, I see everything through that filter. And the more I study plants, the more I marvel at their complexity and diversity. I try to replicate the gesture and treat the colors in a more impressionist style that the traditional botanical illustration. My watercolor paintings and pen and ink drawings are accurate, but interpretive. I paint without drawing under, only from live plants, which present its own set of difficulties, especially with large specimen, which I like to call my "models". The titles reflect my projection into the subjects during the time span that we spend together, which vary from weeks to months depending on the complexity and the size.

I grew up in a park among tall trees, close to Paris. My grandfather was a painter-engraver-art teacher. Most vacations were spent in his bountiful garden. I spent hours roaming and watching all the adults, plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Upon retirement, my mother became an artist. Now, it is her 3 children's turn as they reach retirement as well. I studied over 40 crafts to become an Occupational therapist using all those techniques with disabled children. After moving to the US in 1990, I raised two boys and freelanced as a translator for 15 years. I received my Master certificate from Mary L. Harden School of botanicals in 2017. Since 2018, I have a studio in the Novato Art Center. Feel free to contact me if you want to visit my studio or be on my mailing list. My instagram name is ChlemArt. I describe the life of a very late bloomer artist. I sell originals, giclées, drawings and notecards. I will present 3 watercolors at the Marin County Fair 2018.

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