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Ingrid Cabrey

Greenbrae, CA

ARTIST STATEMENT: INGRID CABREY There can be an inevitable tension between the intrinsic expression of an artist’s work and the practical demands of living in an exchange economy. The demand to commodify our lives is not limited to the artist. My own navigation of that demand has been long guided by my experience in my youth as crew on an old wooden schooner, Grace, where I learned respect for use of the right materials, traditional methods, and practical craft. More, I experienced the pleasure of crew, that melding of disparate personalities toward the achievement of common goals. My life has been one of travel and change. Cherished experiences have been as part of artist communities. In Whangarei, New Zealand I spent four years in residence at The Quarry, a cooperative centered on the Northland Print Trust. During that time the Quarry grew its wobbly fiscal and physical base to become a community and educational center for the north island. I worked two years with the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont, a cooperative where traditional responsible textile arts are practiced from small scale organic wool producers through use of natural dyes, to creation of unique hand-built designs. Now here in Marin, at Rancho Shazam, I see the hints of that distinctive transition of a group of disparate and alternative sorts toward the formation of a mutually supportive artist community. It is as of yet embryonic, but here is that mix of space, freedom, and talent which when nurtured can grow. It will be my pleasure to watch it happen, and with grace, help it be so.

All who wander are not lost.
Ingrid’s childhood was spent in Miami, among the bright colors and passionate influences of the Caribbean and Latin America. Growing up in Coconut Grove, she met visiting sailors and heard stories of distant shores. She dreamed of travel, adventure and romance – and sought them.
Ingrid has worked as model, chef, yacht crew, sail maker, diver, sky-diver, and film crew. She has repaired and restored antiques - jewelry, textiles, furniture.
For fifteen years home was a sailboat. With husband and two sons she traveled the planet, visiting over 40 countries on all continents save Antarctica. Throughout, she filled sketchbooks and journals with images and impressions of her experiences. She studied local arts and traditions, learning techniques such as batik and silk painting, always with an emphasis on indigenous patterns and design.
From 1997 through 2000 Ingrid was a resident artist at the Quarry, an artist colony in Whangarei, New Zealand, where she studied with portrait artist Deng Bang Zhen.
In 2005 Ingrid was commissioned by the Bahamian Government to produce an original painting and promotional graphics for the inaugural Georgetown Bahamian Music Festival.
Ingrid has original paintings and textile pieces hanging in homes, galleries, and businesses in Australia, the Bahamas, India, New Zealand, the United States, and Vanuatu.
Travels and studies have been punctuated with creative bursts when and where she has lingered long enough to set up studio space. That time and place is now in Marin.

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