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Gail Caulfield

San Rafael, CA

My approach has shifted from past artmaking where I had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to make and set about doing just that, often on a large scale, often with clay. Now I am more likely to put a ball of wet clay in my hands and let it show me where it wants to go in that moment and then I follow it. There is no preconceived plan, though there may be some vague feelings or sensations mulling around. Inevitably a shape appears externally that feels directly related to the stuff of my daily internal life. In the recent series, “Internal/External Structures”, after I finish a small clay sculpture I take it to the drawing board and allow the sculpture to suggest what to draw with the chalk pastels. Then I follow along, allowing meaning to emerge in the process. It is fun, surprising, sometimes frustrating, and always informative. Attuning to the rhythm, movement, and flow of the artwork makes for a lively dialogue. Chalk pastel drawings, watercolors, and ceramic sculptures from the past will also be on view.

For about twenty years I worked full-time as a ceramic studio artist and college art instructor until 1992 when external life events necessitated a career change. I became an Art Psychotherapist and began a private practice in San Francisco and San Rafael interweaving talk therapy, art therapy, EMDR and other nonverbal approaches with mostly adult clients.

Since I reduced my private practice as a psychotherapist in 2016 my love and passion for artmaking has been growing again and, most importantly, time has opened up to explore some new ideas in clay and chalk pastels. My participation in Marin Open Studios this year marks a return to publicly exhibiting my artwork, in particular the results of these recent explorations.

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