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Robyn Gallick

Sausalito, CA

My work consists of oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. When I paint, color, aesthetic, and texture create a rich frequency that allows me to open my mind and heart. I am inspired by all forms of creativity, the natural environment, and am dedicated to personal growth and change through my process. Painting assists me in accessing deep creative levels while affording me with great meaning and fulfillment. Self awareness through the practice of meditation and artistic creativity has become a powerful act of love and compassion for myself. There is no greater freedom than the ability to create.

I have recently relocated from New York to Mill Valley, California and have developed a vibrant collection of work celebrating my artistic journey, my love for rich aesthetic, and the freedom that movement when painting provides. This collection documents a world of meaning, artistic growth, and gratitude for my surroundings and community.

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