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Patricia Prendergast

San Rafael, CA

I’ve lived in California all my life and the subject of almost all of my paintings is the serenity of the northern California landscape. The American River near my home in Sacramento, the north shore of Lake Tahoe and the open spaces of Marin County are my primary subjects. I paint exclusively in soft pastels on sanded paper and pastel boards, sometimes beginning with a watercolor underpainting. Most of my paintings are from my own photographs, but I also enjoy painting on location, finding secluded spots where I can be alone in nature. Sometimes these studies become completed paintings or the basis for a painting done in my studio. I don’t try to copy the scene or photo, but use it as a springboard to create something that imparts a mood or feeling. I tend to select intimate scenes rather than the large, majestic panoramas. I try to show the beauty of a small pond, a foggy beach or hillside, a bend in the river.

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