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Heinrich Secker

Fairfax, CA

I take pictures of natural things, like frogs and ponds, rocks and birds, fungi and trees. I then take the photograph and try to make resemble what I saw in my mind's eye when I took it. I organize, compose, blur, posterize filter and massage. I take a photograph and turn it into a picture. I come into artmaking from the Lithography studio, and I like to simplify color and flatten it, then allow form and composition to give the picture back its space and depth. I treasure the graphic, uncouth, abstraction of photographic marks. That's what I am always looking for in my work; those lovely marks.

I be a pirate and a ne'er do well. I spends me days up in me cups or face down on the keys, playing songs for tips an givin it all away to save baby squirrels in Nicaragua. My fate I leave to God and the stars. Arrrrrgh..
In between bouts of sobriety and fiscal discipline, I've been a Corpie, farmer, forest firefighter, fisherman, sign painter, Kirby Vacuum salesman, and bookseller.
I grew up worshipping my Uncle who was a Painter, teaching at Oklahoma State University and I studied art under Mike Bravo in the Litho Lab at Humboldt State. It's all their fault. I was institutionalized at the San Francisco Art Institute, where Dick Graf taught me how to complete a work of art, and Gordon Kluge taught me what it means. Or at least they tried their best. It's their fault too;)
Now I've completed the circle and have coming back to making art, though I never really left. I really have just come back to sharing it.

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