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Lisa Chipkin

Mill Valley, CA

BUTTERFLY EFFECTS II SERIES In the face of major global catastrophes like the Covid-19 pandemic and runaway climate change, can one's individual capacity to feel and evoke joy and well-being have a beneficial effect on the whole? The metaphor "Butterfly Effect" suggests that "small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition can affect large, complex systems..." Clearly, these complex issues require all kinds of responses from personal to institutional to collective, but we mustn't forget the value of joy and wellbeing to counterbalance the rampant fear and anxiety provoked by these enormous challenges.

I am primarily a painter and writer, and but also love to explore using salvaged materials as a sculptor. I have worked 3-dimensionally choreographing bodies and designing theatrical sets, as well as conceiving and building an earthen home in Costa Rica. Through my BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Experimental Theater Wing, my professional experience, and exposure to world class performing and visual arts, I have gained an appreciation for a layered, earthy, whimsical elegance interwoven with social commentary in innovative and unconventional ways. These themes show up naturally and fundamentally in my creative expression and artwork (performance, mixed media paintings, writing, sculpture) as do my long held passion for nature, meditation, embodiment, spirituality, and world cultures.

A lifelong environmentalist with a hyper awareness of the amount of waste humans produce, I love to incorporate repurposed materials into my artwork. It is my hope to inspire the viewer to consider the source of things.

In addition to being an artist, I support creative women living with an autoimmune condition to get natural relief from pain, increase their precious energy, and feel safe in a body that seems to be betraying them so they can stay effective and move positively through a tough time that lands them in their happiest, healthiest years yet.

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