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Gail Cohon Stein

Ross, CA

I create because I have to create. I know of no other way. Deeply feeling and sensitive to the world around me, my work reflects the various experiences of my life. Although each piece of work may differ, there is a continuity that runs through that is a passion and sensitivity to people, nature and the world. I paint, sculpt, and, draw with an intuitive sense of these experiences. I embrace change and welcome the opportunity for exploration of new beginnings. I was an art major in high school making copper enamel jewelry along with assemblage, drawing, and painting. Although accepted to the Chicago Art Institute (SAIC) for college, I married instead, and at 30 started college at SAIC taking stone carving and welding. I have also facilitated workshops and groups where I have used various art techniques. Over the years I have attended many workshops and classes relating to art. I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers/mentors who have influenced me: Don Seiden, Wally Hedrick, Chester Arnold to name a few as well as the many students who so gracefully share their processes. I am always learning! Selected Shows: • Berkeley Hillel -Jewish Women Bodies • O'Hanlon Center for the Arts - several juried shows • Indian Valley Artists - juried show (2 ceramics with honorable mention) • Indian Valley Artists - juried show • College of Marin - juried student show • MOCA - juried members show • Marin County Fair - juried show • Gallery Route One Box Show My work is in various collections across the US.

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