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Maria Carmella Luna

San Rafael, CA

I love patterns used in different cultural societies the Egyptians, Africans Indian and American Indian. Elements used in architectural details all have inspire my design process. I am drawn to the rich and complex society of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The Latin America temples that continue to share their rich architectural history inspire my designs. My findings, necklaces and earrings are designed using my interpretation of decorative elements depicted in hieroglyphics and architectural details.

My life path has been in and out of the creative process when ever my life allowed it. In having the opportunity to retire early I wanted to use my time in a creative environment and found it in an area I have always had a passionate for - jewelry.

I always filled my time with art class and art projects when time allowed it. I started as an artist trying to many mediums to be good at any one in stain glass, weaving and pottery. I took a drawing class and found a love in painting in oil and watercolors – an art teacher asked if I ever tried a sculpture class, I had not. I found my passion moving clay around and casting my figures in a plaster resin then on to bronze pieces. But life took a change as it seems to do.

After years in the semi conductor business I changed careers to a more creative work place – graphic design production artist to project manager. When I knew I would be retiring I wanted to use my time in something creative. Because of my background in business I am one of four people who put the first guidelines down for "Marin Jeweler's Guild" and was on the board and member of City Art Cooperative in San Francisco for ten years.

I have taken a step back to just be in my studio these days. Filling summers with east coast beach weather and traveling as much as possible with my husband.

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