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Aia Bower

Sausalito, CA

Fascinated by the poetry available in oil paint, Sausalito artist Aia Bower creates dynamic compositions that are simultaneously expressive, gestural, ethereal and musical. Her aesthetic captivates the viewer on a physical and emotional level while quietly transporting them to a world of vibrancy and delight. Aia’s paintings and works in mixed media embrace varying levels of abstraction, patterns and imagery. She draws inspiration from natural forms, organic lines, curves, and nature’s wondrous creations. Symbolic nests and birds might be alluded to in constructed or deconstructed manners. musical notes are often referenced, and the infinity symbol, lemniscate, is present in just about all of her work. Varying images can emerge and then disappear as hidden by layers built over time, like in life.

I am contemporary artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was born and raised in Mill Valley. I have always been a traveler at heart and was able to realize a childhood dream, or calling, to live in Europe for ten years. The places that became home include Milan, Lake Como, Rome, Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Lourmarin.

The life and beauty that I took during this long chapter abroad combined with an art history background provided me with a reservoir of images and inspire me on a daily basis. Close to forty moves in my life has taught me to be an ardent observer of my surroundings and how to acclimate to varying cultures harmoniously.  

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Art History & French Language from Mills College in Oakland CA.  I also studied Art History & French Civilization in Paris at La Sorbonne Paris IV in Paris, France. 

I am wildly inspired by Bonnard, Matisse, Diebenkorn and Morandi and create out of my studio in the landmark ICB in Sausalito.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to meet. You can also follow me on Instagram or contact me to learn what it was like to uproot life leaving everything behind to follow a dream and go live in Italy and France for ten years.

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