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Hilary Maslon

Novato, CA

I call my style an abstract surrealism. I attempt to mine the surface, digging for that which hides behind the facade,and then focus on the formalities of abstraction in a return to the architecture of the present. It is that dichotomy that gives me a relative objectivity from which to distance myself from the personal. In addition, I prefer not to become fixed in definitions.I tend to convey, rather, forces in states of potential: becoming, blooming, dissipating, squeezing, exploding and and so on. I also photograph, work in video and write.

Originally from a small tree farm and sheep ranch in Mankato, I spent my teenage years in Los Angeles, then to the Bay area to attend the SFAI but, got my degree from New College of CA/ Mill Valley Program.I moved to NYC in 1990 painted, worked in backdrop production. In 2000 I set up and ran a ranch retreat and cattle operation in North Mississippi through 2013, though straddled living in NYC/ through 2009. In 2014 I sold my ranch and returned to the Bay Area where I now am writing stories about my life in Mississippi, and making art, and maintaining a little ranch in my backyard in Novato 1 dog, 4 chickens and some tomatoes.

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