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Larry Robert Davidson

San Rafael, CA

Throughout my life as a photographer and an artist, from my earliest black and whites, to backpacking fueled landscapes, and on to desert architectural studies, leading to my beloved layered abstract images, to my current photographic collage constructions my aim has always been to convey a sense of awe and wonder at both the dramatic and the sublime. MY portfolio is a mix of the bold powerful and evocative with the soft subtle and dreamlike. I am a self taught photographer and constantly strive to stretch my boundaries, imagination and technique to create new and thought provoking works of art. Your response is my judge, come by and tell me what you think.

Undoubtedly I am a photographer. My tools are a 35mm Nikkormat camera that I have used for over 40 years, and my trusted companion Fuji Provia slide film, yes, you heard me right slide film. But my biggest and most usefull tools are the belief that what I see in the viewfinder is by no means all there is to be seen. And a boundless imagination and the belief that there are no rules which bind me in any way during the creation of my artwork.

I am a life long photographer, but my camera has become but a means to an end. After I have exposed film the taking of photographs stops and the creation of art begins.

At the core of my work is color, light, a sense of texture, the creation of mood and most importantly above mentioned and essential imagination.

Years ago I began experimenting with multiple imagery, the stacking, layering or sandwiching of numerous 35mm slides to create a new and unique abstract image. The results were unexpected. exciting and surprising, creating images of remarkable color, often a sense of motion and a translucence usually found only in a projected slide.

I work very simply, sorting, arranging and assembling my slide creations on a light box. When I return from a shooting trip I often will work in the studio for a year or more before any small test prints are made. The process is slow but incredibly fun and hours can fly by while I am playing away with different combinations. The final combinations are scanned and digitally printed with no manipulation what-so-ever. I am an avowed film photographer but I am in love with digital printing.

I have on more than one occasion when showing my work been asked if it is truly photography. To me that is a huge success, knowing that I have broken a boundary, a stereotype, or a preconceived notion of how something is supposed to look. I was once told by at an open studio by a visitor that I heard remarking to her friend that she resented being dragged over to see my work that she had never been interested in or impressed by photography. her friend left to go to another studio and she stayed for over two hours and asked questions about almost every piece and when leaving told me this isn't photography this is art. I responded by telling her that both things were equally true. The next day she came by with her husband and they bought three pieces. They have since come to every showing that I have and have purchased numerous pieces from me.

These are the kind of moments I live for and dream about.

Often people feel the need to define abstract work. I feel that the opposite is the joy of abstraction, look at it, swim around in it, take a walk in it, let it take you where it wants. It can evoke memories, mystery, intrigue and a fascination with the unknown and all the suggestions that it can imply.

Two years ago I remolded and reorganized my studio. Not that I needed already realize it but it was driven home to me the large volume of prints that I have amassed over the years and I began to wonder just what would become of them all. After seeing some collage work at a gallery show in Mill Valley it dawned on me that I at have been exposed to what could become of my work when looked at in a different light. I began to look at and play around with the idea of reimaging my work into artistic collages.

I started out simple and soon the process had over taken me and I was constantly in the studio working away. Pieces starting coming together and ideas were coming to me a such a rapid pace I could barely keep up. Looking back it was the longest sustained period of creativity that I can ever remember and I rode it for all it was worth.

Since then I have produced over 100 new pieces and I started thinking about a way to show them to the largest audience possible. That is what led me to return to Marin Open Studio's which I participated in from 2000 to 2008. This will be the second years showing these pieces and the newest ones as I continue my studio efforts.

This year I will be at Artworksdowntown, in San Rafael, in The Underground Gallery on both weekends.

Please stop by to see me and my newest creations.

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