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Joe Grenn

San Rafael, CA

I think the motivation to create anything comes from inside. It’s not something you think about first. I think artists paint because they have no choice. It is a way to express one’s self. I think that whatever one creates defines them, weather it be in art, writing, decorating or raising children. I can remember when I would draw and finger paint as a little boy before I could even write. ( Maybe all kids do that?) Later, I was very excited when I began to “paint by the numbers”, seeing images emerge from the canvas. My works include landscapes, portraits and figures that hopefully evoke a special place in time. I always feel the historian tells what happened, the artist tells what it felt like.

Joe Grenn is a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, received his eduction in Boston, concluding as a Harvard postdoctoral fellow and moved to Marin County in1972. He retired in June of 2015 from his private practice in endodontics in San Francisco, as an international lecturer and clinical professor at the University of California School of Dentistry. He has since dedicated his time to his long time love of oil painting. Joe maintains a gallery at 1515 Third Street and is a board member of the Marin Society of Artists.

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