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Louisa Yee

San Rafael, CA

*NEW to Marin Open Studios* I was born and raised in Hong Kong. As far as I can remember, art has been the window through which I see and sense the world around me. I decided to become a professional artist and entered the Fine Art Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Shortly after graduation, I answered a call to teach in a mission school in North Borneo. Four years of primitive living put me in touch with nature and gave me the insight of my own true “nature” as well. Through this process of self-discovery I realized that I wanted to explore the other (Western) side of the art world. My next step was pursuing an M.F.A. at the University of Georgia. In the middle of this course of study, I enrolled in an intense summer program in Italy which included workshops and classes during the week, and visits to major museums and churches during the weekends, as well as a final week in Paris. It was a major turning point, artistically, in my life. Establishing a style for individual expression is no easy task. I spent the next twenty years trying to balance the different emphases of the East and West. At the same time, the reality of life brought a fresh perspective; I married, and had a daughter. I taught Chinese brush painting at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pennsylvania) and a local community college. Teaching Chinese art in a foreign land drove me to search for the background of the art form and to share it with my students. When one deals with Chinese culture, the outcome tends to be connected with the mystery of the Tao. Knowingly or not, I was on the path of Tao and the form of my art became less important than the image I wanted to depict. Today, I am still trying to say more by speaking less. I am fortunate to have a studio to continue the journey of my art. Since moving here my expression has become simpler, under the influence of a lifelong practice of yoga and Qi Gong. I enjoy the silence that these practices promote. In stillness, I seem to gain an expansion of my inner space, which relieves me from limitations. This is my first time with the Open Studios and I look forward to sharing my art with you.

I moved to California after my husband’s passing in 2013. I now live with my daughter and son-in-law in San Rafael. If you’d like to know more about my work, my book The Way of the Brush is available at Amazon. If you’re in the area, you can make appointment to see my art work by emailing me at louisayee9@gmail.com.

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