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Bibby Gignilliat

Sausalito, California

I create art as a way to connect with my true essence. It cuts through all the societal programming and expresses itself through me in a joyful way. It is a means for me to let go of control and surrender to the painting. I am a recovering perfectionist and I have chosen to work in mixed media using collage and acrylic because it is very forgiving. I have a love of bold colors, geometric shapes and animal symbols which I bring alive with whimsy on wood panels. My playful style is messy and fun. I am happiest when I am drawing outside the lines on the canvas and in life.

I have always had a creative bent and have applied my creativity to building businesses, cooking, entertaining, interior decorating, dancing, writing, gardening and most recently to painting. I started painting after being inspired at a class offered by Nicholas Wilton. I then moved to collage/mixed media on wood while studying with Michael Cutlip. I also study with Carl Heyward where I work on paper. His method helps me to get out of the left analytical/logical/linear brain and into the right creative brain to create in a free, joyful and fun way. When I am not in the studio, I run a business called Parties That Cook which inspires connection through group cooking. I also am an avid gardener and my garden, home and art have been featured on Houzz TV in 2016 and 2017

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