Louise Kleinsorge Williams Profile Photo

Louise Kleinsorge Williams

San Rafael, CA

I have been photographing people and places around the San Francisco Bay Area for more than forty years. Originally inspired by the nineteenth century portraits in my grandmother's albums, I became a portrait photographer. With the advent of digital photography and Photoshop I became a digital artist, creating images out of my imagination. I borrow those same photographs I loved as a child, scan them and create narratives around them. I am drawn toward dreamy, timeless images and sensual light. Surrealism calls to me. Innuendo and ambiguity as well as the expansion of possibility and reality delight me. My images tell stories, though what those stories are about is completely up to the whim of the viewer. They are open to everyone's imagination. My current work employs scanned images as well as photographs. Many layered, they invite a closer look. There is always something in them to uncover and enjoy.

My work has been exhibited locally at the Marin Society of Artists, Falkirk, the Marin County Fair, the Bartolini Gallery, and the Artist's Collective. Online galleries include Manhattan Arts International, Exhibitions Without Walls, Light Space and Time, and the Center for Photographic Arts. My images have won several awards including Best in Show, First Place, Special Recognition, Best in Competition, Award of Excellence, and the Jack Fulton Award.

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