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Georgia Gibbs

Fairfax, CA

Taking cues from the natural world, I create work that's familiar to both the eye and the heart. These visual notes, rich with texture, trigger a memory fluttering at the edges and just out of reach. Living most of my life in California has given me intimate knowledge of the tectonic plates defining our coast. Running the length of our continent, this creates a fluid nature for something we like to think of as 'rock solid'. My current explorations involve structure and stratification coupled with the inherent tension bound to them and the resulting fluidity. We are like this land and make subtle to extreme interior shifts as we adjust to our ever-changing environment and the multiple influences at play. Color, a primary ingredient of my visual language, creates it's own subtext. Working primarily in oils and mixed media, I incorporate cold wax as a medium in my paint. I enjoy the tactile quality it lends the finished work. Depending on the way it's applied or handled in the final stages it can resemble polished stone, earth or crumbling artifacts. I usually wok in multiple layers and may completely erase what was laid down before by newly introduced marks. I use pallet knives, putty knives, and brushes to lay down and scrape away surface information. I don't have a formalized education but there are many both living and dead I look to as mentors, guides, and teachers. I turn to them regularly for instruction in my life-long experiment with mark making. I've also been fortunate to study under Chester Arnold, an internationally acclaimed artist, and teacher at Marin Community College. I have also attended a workshop led by Nicholas Wilton. Nicholas is also a generous teacher and highly regarded Bay Area artist.

An emerging modern California artist, Georgia Gibbs' colorful abstracts are strongly inspired by the landscape and inland coastal area of California. Her works can be monochromatic and still with the weight of dense fog or colorful and alive like a hot summer afternoon. The viewer is teased by a sense of the familiar and responds to an emotional nuance, always present in the base notes.

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