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San Anselmo, CA

My understanding of what I do is evolving. For me painting is about light and shadows, contrasts, reflections, perspective, and mood. I look for a compelling moment in time somewhere on the street or sidewalk, in a building, or on the highway.

I never drew or painted until three years ago, 2014. Twelve years of Catholic school were filled with reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, but no art, other than coloring books and “stay between the lines, young man.”

Born in 1955 in Arkansas to parents married in San Francisco after WWII, my childhood in the South greatly affected my worldview including a cross burning across the street from my family's home when I was very young.

My visual memories are of a black and white world, muted colors, all seen through a prism of hazy humidity. Art of any kind was not something that was ever talked about in my house or neighborhood. Artists were thought of as strange people far away on the East or West Coast or in Europe. I was in my early twenties when I first visited an art museum as part of an assignment for the one mandatory art appreciation class needed to fulfill college graduation requirements, a class and an instructor I still remember now, forty years later.

My first drawing and painting classes were with Jack Scott at College of Marin. I will always be grateful to Jack for his encouragement, generosity, and emphasis on looking, looking again, and looking still more until you finally see.

I am constantly inspired by and learn from other local artists. I've been most affected by the works of Manet, Degas, Monet, Cézanne, van Gogh, Matisse, Hopper, Register, and Diebenkorn.

Five of my paintings were accepted into the 2016 Marin County Fair. "Cadillac" won the 2016 Fair Theme Award: "What A Ride It's Been. 75 Years of the Marin County Fair." Three other paintings received Honorable Mentions.

I paint with oils seven days a week in a home studio. I begin painting early in the morning and continue until early evening - eight to twelve hours a day. Life does get in the way at times, but with headphones on and music playing, I see myself following this same daily routine as long as I can hold a brush.

My past lives include work as a ranch hand in Montana; as an ecologist (on live rabid animals, on mosquito predators in Arkansas rice fields, on pine trees in East Texas), conducting water chemistry tests near a nuclear plant, and as a necropsy assistant; my research on invasive species was awarded a $200,000 National Science Foundation grant. After beginning a PhD at UC Berkeley, it was discovered that a UC Berkeley prof was embezzling from the grant. The Feds were not happy. I made a major life change and earned my teaching credential from UC Berkeley. I was a teacher for thirteen years in the Bay Area. I'm in my fourth reinvention, as a painter, a true vocation that I believe fits me better than anything I've ever done. I have a BS and an MS in invertebrate biology and ecology.

I live in San Anselmo with my wife, Jean Olive-Lammers, and, when home from college, my stepson, Adam Beeler-Lammers.

170 Pine Street San Anselmo, CA 94960

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