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Hilary Sheehan

Sausalito, CA

Before the age of thirty-one, I was a trained economist with little exposure to art. My artistic practice was limited to drawing stick figures and nearly flunking my junior high art class. In 1991, I took an adult education drawing class from a local community college. I began my transition from economist to artist while drawing my first still life. I was enthralled by the challenge of observing a lemon, with all its contours, shadows, and subtleties, and then learning to translate my perceptions onto paper. Where before I would have seen a simple piece fruit, I now saw a complex landscape of form, line and texture. Soon after, I took my first course in painting, and my perceptions went into Techicolor.   From those beginnings I have developed a style based around the abstracting of real world contours and textures. I often draw my inspiration from the shapes and lines of urban landscapes, drawing quick sketches that serve as the jumping off point for paintings or more developed drawings. In recent years, I have been exploring printmaking and animation.

Hilary Sheehan creates playful abstract paintings, prints and drawings as well as short animations. See her animations at vimeo.com/hilarysheehan.

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