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Paul William Gray

Novato, CA

A lot of things are said about art, but I encourage you to just look at it. You'll come across things you like, things you don't like and maybe some things that puzzle you. For me, creating art is fun, easy, relaxing, frustrating, hard, fulfilling, maddening and exhilarating. I don't try to explain my work. When everything clicks in the creation of a piece, it is a spiritual experience beyond my ability to describe — more like I was the brush, instead of the artist. Some of the things I do are simply intended to draw your attention to the beautiful world in which we live. Other things I've made, particularly some of the sculptures, I did because they amused me. Perhaps you'll be amused, too. Don't ask me what my art means. It's neither political nor message oriented. I created it to be looked at — like you might look at a bluebird or a '57 Chevy. Enjoy it.

Following graduation from San Francisco State University and graduate work at The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, I worked as a creative director for two Southern California firms and as a freelance illustrator for major national accounts. After returning to Northern California in 1978 I devoted myself to my artwork. I've exhibited and sold paintings and sculptures in art galleries in California, Wyoming, Arizona, New York and Oregon. Among the many commercial assignments I've had are sculptures for three major studio movies, multiple record album covers and many national magazine illustrations. I am married, have a married daughter and reside with my wife in the hills of Marin County. Although I tell people I'm retired, I keep painting and sculpting, “just for fun.”

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